“Plants First” means every plant

is nurtured for strength

All our 220+ Zealandia team work with one motto front of mind…  “Plants First”.

From seed

Long-term relationships with plant breeders around the world give us the pick of the best seed varieties.

To seedlings

Grown in Zealandia’s own growing-medium mixed on site from the best obtainable ingredients, giving plants the best possible environment in which to grow.

From Mother stock to cuttings

As well as growing plants from seeds, plants are also grown from mother stock from which Zealandia then take cuttings and grow into plants.

In purpose-built environments

Seed, seedling and plant environments are managed for maximum growth. Climate management systems allow us to provide ideal growing conditions above ground. All inputs and activities involved in growing our plants are tracked to prevent pests, disease, and ensure quality.

Handled with care

“Plants First” means our entire business revolves around ensuring attention is on handling plants with care.

Transported in our own fleet

Once a plant is ready for market it’s our trucks that deliver Zealandia plants across the country by our professional team of drivers who are trained in the fine art of handling for quality.