Strong plants are essential

We’ve been growing huge numbers and varieties of plants for a long time.  And like you, we know that to get the best out of them it’s essential they have the best possible start.

All our processes, systems, products and services are geared to putting plants first. That’s why growers around New Zealand turn to us to help them maximise yield, productivity and profits.

Specialising in large orders

Zealandia Horticulture is among New Zealand’s largest suppliers of plants to growers. The 1400 varieties and millions of plants a year we grow means no order is too big. Whether you want 25,000 or 250,000 plants, we’ll deliver what you want, when you want them.

Applying knowledge & technology

We employ the best and latest technology to minimise direct handling of plants, control growing conditions, manage pests and diseases, and ensure plants arrive to you in outstanding condition. Our growers are highly qualified and bring deep horticultural and commercial experience with them.

From seed to growers gate

Young plants get a great Zealandia start. Then we deliver them to growers throughout New Zealand. We understand how important early crops can be and we are experts at growing and delivering plants so growers can harvest when market prices are at their highest.

Temperature-controlled transport

Where required, we deliver using our temperature controlled-trucks for the best care of plants.  Our drivers are well trained in how to look after plants throughout delivery. This ensures excellent plant condition to your gate.

Partnering with growers and suppliers

We invest in understanding global best practice and we recruit industry leaders. This keeps us well placed to partner with growers and suppliers to grow strong profitable plants.

“Stone wool” for Strong Seedlings

Stone wool, made from basalt rock, is an essential commercial growing medium for Zealandia and successful growers.

Grodan from Rockwool Group is perfect for Precision Growing, ensuring the efficient use of water, nutrients, energy and space which means stronger, faster growing and more generative plants.

Zealandia Horticulture is the New Zealand agent for Grodan.

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Bulk plants supplies for councils and large scale projects

We supply over 1400 plant varieties around New Zealand, from seedling to advanced grades ready to flower. That, coupled with the scale and precision of our nurseries, means we can be counted on to deliver the right plants for any location or purpose. To discuss your requirements talk to our specialists.

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