Knowledge and Experience

There’s nothing like experience, knowledge and commitment when growing plants and a business. Zealandia Horticulture’s long history is made up of a range of nursery businesses from both islands of New Zealand, dating back to the 1950s.

Our leadership team is made up of career horticulturists, engineering, technology and operations specialists with more than 250 years of experience. Yet it only seems like last week that we began.

Embracing technology

Since 1990, Zealandia has embraced technology including proprietary software, glasshouse management, transport and automation systems to meet the ever growing demand from garden retailers and growers for plants of consistently outstanding quality.

Families join forces

By 2000 major retail chains wanted a nationwide supply solution to provide consistency in quality and seasonal volumes unhindered by location. To deliver this, Jornas Nursery in the South Island, owned by the Wylaars family, and Mt Wellington Nursery in the North Island, owned by the Windross family, began working closely together. Early in 2007 the two companies merged to become Jornas.

Acquisitions grows company and experience

Later in 2007 the newly formed company acquired the separate operations of Zealandia North Island and Zealandia South Island along with two other regional nurseries to form Zealandia Horticulture. The merger of these long standing nurseries instantly provided the company with significant additional experience across a broader range of plants and operational management.

Automation grows business and better plants

Zealandia has continued to invest in the development of growing, automation and glasshouse systems. Automation has enabled us to minimise the handling of plants at delicate stages, which has improved the strength and consistency. Automation has also enabled Zealandia to redeploy people from some extremely manual work to roles where a human eye and handling can make a real difference.

A nationwide team

The business continues to grow, with a team of 220 people across the country. To meet the demand of New Zealand gardeners, twice a week Zealandia delivers plants to retail garden centres and growers from Kaitaia in the North Island to Bluff in the South Island. In 2016 Zealandia migrated its former Mt Wellington nursery to a purpose-built 6-hectare growing facility in Clevedon, and has continuing nursery development planned in Christchurch and Auckland from 2017-2020.