Nemesia Penhow Aromas Plums and Custard – Zealandia

Nemesia penhow aromas plums and custard

An optical symphony

Nemesia Penhow Aromas Plum and Custard is an absolute showstopper and a marvel of modern breeding.

This stunning new colour combination combines purple and yellow in a beautifully layered form which displays well above the plant, and produces masses of these colourful blooms.

But the real deal maker with this plant is the stunning aroma that is produced by the flowers.

The plants themselves grow nice and compact and look good planted on mass, or as a single specimen. Perfect in the Garden or to beautify your patio planters or troughs.

Nemesia Penhow Aromas Plum and Custard will be available at all leading garden retailers in summer 2018, so place your orders now with your favourite local retailer so you won’t miss out on this unique Nemesia.