Colourwave Surdiva Scaevola Fashion Pink – Zealandia

Colourwave Surdiva scaevola fashion pink

High impact colour

Colourwave Surdiva Scaevola Fashion Pink is a stunning new variety of Scaevola which is very easy to grow and maintain.

This Scaevola produces masses of pink coloured flowers all over the plant. These plants have exceptional heat tolerance and will produce flowers from spring through to autumn.

Colourwave Surdiva Scaevola fashion pink has a very strong branching habit and when flowers expire they will just fall off, making this a self-cleaning variety.

Perfect for hanging baskets, tubs, rockeries or cascading over retaining walls

Colourwave Surdiva Scaevola Fashion Pink will be available at all leading garden retailers in spring 2020, so place your orders now with your favourite local retailer so you won’t miss out on this unique Scaevola

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