Big Red Calliope – Zealandia


This is no ordinary GERANIUM

The impact of the large intense red blooms is the first thing that tells you that Geranium Calliope Big Red is no ordinary geranium.

Geranium Calliope Big Red was developed by crossing zonal (upright) geraniums with ivy (trailing) geraniums. This has created a plan with show-stopping intense red blooms on lush green foliage and a semi-trailing habit.

Geranium Calliope Big Red flowers right through spring summer and autumn and looks fantastic in hangin baskets large post and planted in garden beds.

Heat and drought tolerant Big Red can survive the hot dry summers which an affect many parts of the country.

Geranium Calliope Big Red is in demand so check and order in advance at your favourite local garden retailer.