Our Ethos

A commitment to best practice

Zealandia Horticulture is dedicated to growing top quality plants using best practice.

The company keeps a close watch on the latest international advancements in plant production technology and displays its commitment to best practice through continuous investment in high tech machinery, systems improvement and highly qualified people.

The business is vertically integrated from raw materials sourcing to distribution, and its systems are designed to ensure that plants are of optimal quality and consistency.

The company has its own media mixing facilities, bar-coding system, packaging manufacture, custom-built software and a New Zealand-wide logistics and distribution supply chain.

Our Story

historic logos

Mt Wellington Nurseries was formed back in 1980 by Graham Windross, who took over a small bedding plant nursery on the Mt Wellington highway called Cassells Nursery.

In 1990 the bedding plant nursery moved to a 10 hectare property in Panama Road and has grown substantially since that time. In 2004 another site was constructed in Levin.

Case Jorna took over a small Christchurch backyard nursery business in 1961 and named it Jornas Nurseries. Over the next 30 years it became a major wholesaler in the Christchurch market. In 1990, he sold the business to brothers Vince, Pedro and Paul Wylaars.

The Wylaars brothers began building up the company from the time they took over. They expanded the facilities at Mairehau Rd and began commercial vegetable production as well as growing bedding plants for the retail market.

In 2001 a new growing facility was begun in Belfast, Christchurch, incorporating the latest technology available. Jornas’ main office is also situated at this site. 

In April 2007 Jornas Nurseries merged with Mt Wellington Nurseries to become Jornas Ltd, jointly owned by Graham Windross and Paul, Pedro and Vince Wylaars.

In July 2007 the opportunity arose for Jornas to buy the Zealandia Nurseries, located in Auckland and Christchurch. These two Zealandia companies had been operating as separate businesses for 17 years.

The Zealandia Nursery Company was established in 1963 with the purpose of supplying indoor plants to Brewster’s Hire Plants. As public demand increased, more production and new varieties followed to position Zealandia as New Zealand’s leading house plant brand. 

By 1973 there was a need to have a facility in the South Island and the present site in Heathcote Valley, Christchurch, was purchased and developed by 1978. The Alfriston facilities in Auckland were built from 1977 with gas heated interconnected steel frame houses. 

In 1983 Zealandia became a part of a public company which owned many other horticultural enterprises. In 1990 and 1991 the South Island and North Island parts of Zealandia were sold into private ownership separately. 

Rod and Stacey Naish bought the nursery in Christchurch, adding more greenhouses and shade houses over the following 7 years. In July 1997 the business was purchased by Phil Badger, and he was joined by Simon and Melanie Thompson in 2004.

Neil and Helen McCormack operated the Alfriston site for many years until it was purchased by Brent Linn.

From July 2007, the two companies were again operating as one company named Zealandia Group.

On April 1st 2008, Zealandia and Jornas Ltd integrated to become Zealandia Horticulture Ltd.